Synopsis / The Story of Green Glass Door

Kalaallit Nunaat is a land beyond the Green Glass Door, where there are only tomorrows. Very few humans know of its existence, and even fewer know how to get there. On a day off, Danny happens upon Sierra’s door while she “collects” raw honey from Tokey the Bear and offers his place for the night (Helluva Day). Ex-Soldier Vanessa burns her acceptance letter to Berklee College of Music in front of Professor Hill (Civil War). Hill sends her through a door to Kalaallit to be guided by Bigfoot as a rite of passage. In the morning, Sierra, Danny, and Tokey cross into Kalaallit and encounter the Wellwisher, who trades blessings for pennies.


Bigfoot and Vanessa are confronted by Libby, an activist bee who informs them that bees are made to wear rubber tips on their stingers, and labor to make “Hunny” under poor conditions managed by the evil Beekeeper. Bigfoot rushes Vanessa off to her first gig at The Gull, a (Berries and Goo) joint frequented by Sierra and other citizens of Kalaallit Nunaat. Vanessa sings that she doesn’t know how to stop the suffering around her (Broken Many Places). As Sierra, Danny, and, Tokey arrive, a commotion is heard outside and a bee is killed. Sierra announces that enough is enough and our heroes devise a plan to stop the Beekeeper (Bees of Freedom).

Back in (Copperopolis), USA, Vanessa and Bigfoot (Feet’s Too Big) find a peculiar wall. They rightly conclude that the Beekeeper’s door to Kalaallit lies behind it and begin to sledge it. Inside the hive, Tokey proceeds with a plan to “smoke out” the labor force, and organize their escape. His attempts at organization backfire splendidly. Libby stings the Beekeeper, believing him to be allergic. She suffers the fate of all bees who use their stinger, and the Beekeeper flicks it off. Just as he is about to finish off the gang, Vanessa breaks through the wall, and opens the door out of Kalaallit. The bees happily escape together, Libby passes on, and Sierra has a few words for the Beekeeper.


As our story concludes, the gang discusses the afterlife, politics, and music (Settle Down). Vanessa finds her song (I’m Not Afraid), and we all discover America’s new national identity.

What happens in between, this play shall make known.


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