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There are fewer than 60 days until the 2016 election. In California, there is a tremendous need for action-minded Greens.
As the official contact person for Sacramento County and outlying areas, it is my job to help you communicate with uninformed voters. There are several tools available to you for the purpose of expanding awareness of Jill Stein and other ticket candidates, and empowering voters to support a party that works for them. In the coming weeks we can take advantage of the weakened major party dynamics to carry Jill to the debate podium and on to Presidential Victory. Regardless, your efforts will help establish a successful third party option for voters in every part of the nation. 


I am immediately accessible!

If you want more info, have a FAQ, or want to volunteer please reach out to me!!!


-by CELL or text message: 916-704-0058 I am on call 24/7 and return my voicemails

-by EMAIL at the following address: chris@bestofbroadway.org

-IN PERSON on the showtimes listed in this website. The play occurs during a four hour festival window wherein you will find us registering voters, talking up your party and outlining action tactics for election day. Official materials may be available in the coming weeks.


Know that we promote art as a hobby, for therapy, or as a profession. The thing we all have in common is the ability to make our own signs and bumper stickers. Grab some posterboard and some markers, spraypaint coffee bags, print flyers. CREATE. This is a grassroots campaign. Show the county, and the ones next to us, some homegrown Green Party LOVE!


The first and most important stop on your journey is here: www.jill2016.com/phonebanking

Sign up is easy, and there is a 10-minute training video. I ask that you pledge at least one hour a day to the phonebank.

You may feel that too many campaigns focus on this, and the reason is that most disaffected, independant voters are physically removed from metropolitan areas, and therefore difficult to get a hold of through other means. 


^^^I may be calling you for a weeklong commitment. We aren't asking for money, we are asking you to set a plan (simply a goal you accomplish) for how many calls you are willing to make. I will check in with you to see how it's going. I'll need your full name, email, phone, city/county and zip.


Google up some twitterverses that might benefit from your knowledge. Go find the Berners, the Independants, the University goers, Libertarians, even! Over 75% of the population disapprove of the Democratic nominee, and about the same number of different people disapprove of the G.O.P. pick. Remember that guy who said fish for men? This is exactly that.


See you at the show or otherwise,

Christopher Carlson


Thank You for reading. Now send me an email. Do it.






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