GREEN GLASS DOOR.  A riddle with no answer...


General Admission is $20

Free for children 8 and younger

Seniors, Veterans, and Students may bring one (1) friend free of charge


***No shows on Sept 18, Sept 24***

Friday, Saturday: 8:00p Sunday: 2:30p

Sept: 9,10,11  16 & 17   23 & 25  30       Oct: 1 & 2

The CLARA is in its inaugural year.

 Found at 2420 N st, or 25th and O

Free parking is available on site, there are neon green flags along the fence.

GREEN GLASS DOOR is for children of all ages...

A place where imagination, people, and puppets are free to play and fun to watch. 


Using our imagination to turn awareness into action, artists partner with local businesses to answer impossible sociopoliticonomical questions about Hunnybees. All proceeds benefit SacPrep Music Academy. Come see! Come hear! Open the door...we dare you.

We believe that great art is accessible to all. We believe that great art is adventurous. We believe that art is therapeutic; artistic talent can be found within and practiced by all people. We believe in revolutionary art that empowers and inspires others. We believe artists must have confidence to produce work and more confidence to share that work with others.

Students and Veterans are encouraged to participate in our production any night they are in attendance. If you would like to play with us onstage, we ask only that you notify a member of the company before the show or during intermission.


Please refrain from taking calls or texting during a performance in a way that disrupts other members of the audience.

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